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Ashley M. Perez






   MD student


Hey there! My name is Ashley, and I’m a former MCAT King student turned MCAT conqueror! After taking the MCAT, I joined Noble’s amazing team to share my knowledge and expertise with fellow premedical students! As someone who has studied the medical school application process for several years, I also help applicants craft their personal statements, experiences, secondary essays, and other aspects of their applications so that medical schools get to know the best version of our students!


As far as MCAT preparation goes, my approach varies with each student I help, but there are some elements that remain constant:


-Passage-based learning: I like to assess how students approach passages in order to assure that they have the testing strategy down. We go over foolproof strategies that, with practice, help you eliminate answers and reach the correct choice with ease! While the MCAT covers many subjects, it is important to realize that knowing how to take the test is more important than memorizing minute details! I learned this the hard way and now I know way too much about transcription.


-Content review: Speaking of minute details, content review is about knowing enough about the subjects covered on the MCAT in order to do well on the exam. You do not need to know every single detail, just the ones that will help you on test day! During content review, I go over commonly tested topics as well as specific topics that students may be struggling with. When I review content with my students, I make sure they know just enough to use their knowledge along with test strategy to perform excellently on test day!


-Support: Not too long ago, my life consisted of solely MCAT studying and Brooklyn 99 reruns. I know that studying for this exam can be super stressful, but I’ll be with you as you navigate the process! I make sure my students know they can call or text me anytime to ask questions about material we’ve gone over, passages they’re having trouble understanding, or even just to vent.


Now, curating the perfect application seems daunting, but that’s what I’m here for! As a dedicated premedical student, I have been researching and learning about the application process for almost 10 years and have helped countless applicants reach their medical school goals. Don’t know if you have enough clinical experience? Worried about your lack of research? Think you haven’t shown enough leadership or done enough volunteering? I know exactly how to guide you so that you transform into the applicant you’ve always aspired to become! Aside from medical school pursuits, I have also helped students gain entrance into prestigious PhD and masters programs. It’s all about aligning with the school’s values and showcasing yourself in the best light possible!


I look forward to helping you find that perfect lighting :)



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