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Josh McCartney

MCAT CARS (Verbal) Instructor




  Full Time CARS tutor

Josh Verbal  MCAT Tutor.jpeg

I specialize in tutoring the CARS section of the MCAT where I received nearly a perfect score of 131 using a strategy I came up with but can teach other sections as well. My techniques is developed based on my experience of taking LSAT (The entrance exam to Law school).


I've helped numerous students improve by teaching different strategies that rely more on critical thinking than memorization and helping them figure out which approach works best for them. I was able to get an overall score of 520 with minimal content knowledge on my own MCAT.


I will show you how to read passages and answer questions the strategic way, the way the MCAT wants you to do it. You will learn how to finish each section on time. You'll also learn how to mentally view this exam. When you understand CARS, you will understand how and why the MCAT asks the questions they ask.



I wish to see you soon!




Joshua McCartney MCAT KING Results 98_ed
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