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MCAT Mini Courses

where we Focus on Doing Passages Together

MCAT CARS/Verbal Passages Workshop

Prof. Or Moss

How do you quickly get through dry, unclear, boring passages with details you get lost in, while constantly misinterpreting the author and narrowing down to two answer choices but choosing the wrong one? All while trying to learn an entirely new way of thinking for the first time in your life! It can be done with the 130+ CARS scorer strategies you'll learn in this step-by-step course. 


This is CARS made easy.

Young Doctor

MCAT Biochem Passages Workshop

Josh McCartney

We'll be covering Biochem passage topics, and then covering the Passage Strategies and experimental design. Lastly, as always, we will pay special attention to test-taking skills, as well as covering the incorrect answer choices.


This class is taught by Josh over Zoom..

Anatomical Model

Express MCAT Biology Passages Workshop


We’ll coach you on the intangibles that no one else can, because not only have we devised a systematic approach to achieve top results in doing Bio Passages ourselves, but we’ve distilled that process and repeated these results with our students many many times.


Here’s what you can expect:

Class 1 - The Nervous System

Class 2 - The Endocrine System

Class 3 - The Renal System

Class 4 - The Immune System

Class 5 - The Circulatory & Respiratory Systems

Class 6 - The Reproductive System

Class 7 - The Musculoskeletal System

Class 8 - Genetics


This class is taught by Josh over Zoom.

Josh McCartney

Brain Illustration

Psych & Soc Passages Workshop

Nicole Chapko

Welcome to our MCAT Psych & Soc Workshop. This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and passages strategies needed to excel in this section of the MCAT exam. The course meets up twice a week, on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings, over Zoom, with each class lasting for 2 hours. The classes will be taught by an expert instructor with a perfect MCAT score. The course will focus on both content and exam strategy, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the exam. Here is a breakdown of the course syllabus:


Topic 1: Experimental Design

Steps to create a good experimental design (once you have formulated a question/idea for the experiment)

Non-experimental designs

Important experiments


Topic 2: Society and Culture, Sociological Theory and Models, Social Structures

Theoretical approaches

Social Institutions and Framework


Topic 3: Culture and Society 

Demographics and Societal Shifts


Topic 4: The Self 

Establishment of the Self in Society 


Behavior, Attitude, and Emotions


Topic 5: Abnormal Psych


Topic 6: Learning, Memory, and Attention 


Lesson 7: Childhood and Development 

Topic 8: Brain Anatomy 


Hearing and the Ear

Vision and the Eye 


By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of the concepts covered in the "Psych & Soc" section of the MCAT exam, as well as the strategies needed to excel on the exam.

Nicole Chap MCAT KING Pych Soc Tutor_edited.png
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