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Dr. Debra Mandelbaum, DDS

Dental School Admissions Consult AADSAS and TMDSAS Application Services





  DDS - Dentistry Practitioner


I would love to help you during this exciting, yet potentially stressful, junction in your career. It would be my pleasure if I can make this process as stress-free and smooth as possible while assisting you to produce a top quality application :) You have worked so hard to get to this point, and you deserve to have your application accurately portray all your hard work and achievements!

I am currently working as a dentist with a DDS from Columbia University. I applied and was accepted to Harvard, Stonybrook, UMDNJ, and NYU dental schools as well.

I studied English at Yeshiva University and have always enjoyed writing. When I went on my dental school interviews, the first thing I was asked was a question about my essay. I want you as an applicant to stand out and pique the admissions personnels’ interest as well. I hope I can help you to express your true individuality and value as a student for your top choice school!

Debra provides help with all parts of Dental School Applications including help with personal statements and the subsequent secondaries, as well as interview prep.