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Behind every hero is a mentor who has his or her back. Let us be a part of your origin story.

Lizzy Bier

 Biology & Chem Instructor 

Lizzy Bier MCAT KING Tutor.JPG




Bio & Chem Tutor


MCAT 95% 


I graduated from Barnard College as a Neuroscience major, have worked in molecular Neuroscience research throughout my 4 years of college, have worked in cancer research for the past year, and have taken the MCAT. I have been tutoring since my first year of college in Biology and Chemistry, and I would love to create fun and engaging lessons tailored to each student. I can give my “tips and tricks”, help with tackling MCAT passages, and make even the toughest topics digestible. The MCAT was not a fun journey but with support and resources, you will succeed.

Work With Lizzy :


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