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Press Release

From The Desk Of Prof. Nobel Zaghi

Advisory Notice Regarding Former Student, Mr. Najih Ullah

June 30 2023

I am issuing this press release to address matters concerning Mr. Najih Ullah, who has been a student under my mentorship at MCAT KING Academic Center since June 2019.

Mr. Najih Ullah has affiliations with Hunter College and Drexel University.

During our time of interaction, I have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Ullah's academic and personal conduct. As a faculty member and a mentor, it is my responsibility to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and personal ethics. It is in this capacity that I feel compelled to express concerns based on my observations and interactions with Mr. Ullah.

While it is not my place to provide specific details publicly, I advise future employers, academic institutions, and other parties interested in engaging with Mr. Ullah to exercise due diligence. Ensuring a thorough understanding of his background and character is crucial before making any commitments or agreements.

I urge all parties to approach this matter with the seriousness it deserves and to conduct comprehensive evaluations as part of their decision-making processes.

This statement is made out of a sense of duty and responsibility and reflects my commitment to maintaining the standards and values that are core to our academic community.

For further inquiries or clarifications, please feel free to contact my office at


Prof. Noble Zaghi

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