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Moshe Damavandi NP

 Expert NCLEX Instructor 





Professional NCLEX Coach


My name is Moshe and I have been a nurse for about five years. After nursing school, I became a Family Nurse Practitioner through Pace University. During that time, I was a Nursing tutor in Touro College School of Nursing. I am currently an NCLEX tutor and a Nurse Practitioner tutor. I found my passion for teaching during nursing school. As someone that can retain information once it is simplified, I decided to use that opportunity to set up a group and teach other students. I was able to graduate as a valedictorian while my whole study group passed with straight A’s.

Nursing school can be stressful, there is a lot of detailed information that needs to be memorized to become a nurse. The subjects I tutor in are, Fundamentals of nursing, Medical-Surgical I-III, Pharmacology, Mental health, Maternity, and Pediatrics. My teaching plan consists of individual assessments and visual teaching methods. I strive to construct a thorough study plan for each student that highlights all their strengths, through these methods I can say that all my students were able to pass the NCLEX and Nurse Practitioner Board Certification Exam.

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