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Dr. Daniel Heindel

Expert Organic Chemistry Tutor
8 Years of Teaching Experience


PhD in Organic

Organic Chemistry Totur in NYC - MCAT KI

I love tutoring students in organic chemistry. I emphasize learning how to think and using basic chemical concepts to solve a problem. I focus on mechanisms to teach reactions and I generally shy away from memorization. I enjoy helping students learn the art of synthesis. It is a lot like a sophisticated game of tinker toys. If you approach it like that, it can be enjoyable.

While I am mainly focused on students in undergraduate school, I am glad to help students in advanced or graduate level courses. I also help students with the organic chemistry portion of the MCAT.

I've been teaching college chemistry since 2002 and specialize in Organic Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry and Synthesis. I have a B.S. in chemistry from NYU and my PhD. in Organic Chemistry at NYU


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