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Behind every hero is a mentor who has his or her back. Let us be a part of your origin story.

Prof. Or Moss

 Expert MCAT Instructor 

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Professional MCAT Coach


MCAT 96% 


Or has been a full-time MCAT instructor since graduating from Yeshiva University 7 years ago. He scored 99th Percentile in both CARS and Biology sections of his own MCAT. He has worked with hundreds of students. Taking a lead role in developing MCAT KING’s practice tests and questions, Or combines a strong background in biology with an “AAMC voice”.

Why Work With Prof. Or Moss:

I love seeing my students succeed on their MCAT! My students who have adopted discussed approaches have averaged a 515, and over half have obtained 1+ perfect subsection score! I have time-proven methods to help you do the same IF you’re willing to put in the work. :)


  • I have been part of the MCAT King team for the past 7 years.

  • My subjects of specialty are Verbal, (CARS), P/S and B/B (psychology/sociology and biology/biochemistry), where I exceeded 99th percentile on each practice exam, including my real MCAT.

  • I have worked with students with a different range of learning disabilities, such as ADHD, dyslexia, general anxiety, and panic disorders.

  • Over 5000 hours of teaching experience.

How Tutoring With Me Works:

My approach is completely individualized to the student. If you’re just beginning your prep, that’s excellent! If you’re part way in or re-taking your MCAT, I will take a history of your approach which will inform us how to proceed. If you’d like, I’m happy to devise a systematic game plan across your study period.

Subsequent meetings are tailored to this history and what we identify as your points of growth. Whatever your needs are, with over 5000 hours of experience, I’m excited to help you grow in your content mastery, passage analysis, testing strategy, and beyond!

Work With Or :


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