City MD Part-Time Paid Urgent Care Medical Scribe

Organization: CityMD Position Description: CityMD is seeking a student to work as a medical scribe in their urgent care practice. Responsibilities include: • Obtaining a patient history, past medical history, chief complaint, and present illness and documenting into the EMR • Presenting brief patient history to provider • Observing provider-patient encounter and document additional findings • Ordering appropriate in house tests as directed by the provider • Documenting procedures performed by provider • Ordering appropriate lab tests, advanced imaging, referrals, and medications as directed by the provider and entering into EMR • Completing all documentation including billing codes, PQRS measures, and patient discharge instructions • Assisting with patient care • Performing vitals and obtaining vitals • Assisting with medical procedure set-ups • Performing non-invasive lab specimen tests • Communicating with patients and pharmacies over the phone • Obtaining ACMSS certification sponsored by CityMD by taking the certification test online after training and on-site experience

Position Requirements: • College degree • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills • High attention to detail • Excellent communication and bedside manner • Flexibility and adaptability to work in a continuously evolving environment • Ability to work on a team • Advanced computer skills including typing proficiency • Flexibility with full-time work schedule including weekends

Time Commitment: Part-time (30-36 hours per week). Shifts are generally 12 hours each but can be 6,8, or 10 hours based on site hours Compensation: $15.50 per hour Apply: To apply, please submit a resume on the CityMD website.

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