Paid Full-time Technician/Staff Associate, Immunology


Human Immune Monitoring Core at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Position Description The HIMC at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center is seeking a student to join their team as a technician or staff associate. The student will be working on CyTOF and other cutting-edge technology for flow cytometry and translational immunology/immuno-oncology research involving high-dimensional single-cell analysis. Hands-on training will be provided.

Responsibilities include:

  • Learning and mastering the operation of CyTOF

  • Preparing and managing analysis reagents

  • Preparing clinical and laboratory samples for analysis

  • Processing data and assisting in data analysis

  • Assisting with the development of innovative assays, methods, and reagents

Position Requirements

  • B.S. with an emphasis on engineering, physics, and/or biology

  • Hands-on laboratory experience in immunology, molecular biology, and/or microbiology techniques including sterile cell culture, tissue preparation, and cell isolation, staining and accurate serial dilution

  • Detail-oriented

  • Ability to learn complex new skills

  • Proficiency in Excel or Google Sheets

  • Strong organizational skills, good communication skills, and ability to interact well with others

  • Experience with flow cytometry or mass cytometry a plus

  • Proficiency in database software, collaborative management tools, lab automation, and cloud computing a plus

  • Proficiency in high-dimensional data analysis tools and bioinformatics/programming a plus

  • Willingness to work flexible/late shifts a plus

  • Experience processing clinical samples a plus

  • Knowledge and experience in financial analysis a plus

Time Commitment

Full-time, with a minimum commitment of two years

Compensation TBD

Apply To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Xinzheng Guo

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