Full-time, Paid, Research Associate, Neurobiology

Start Date: Spring/Summer/Fall 2019

Organization: Mount Sinai Hospital

Position Description:

Dr. Nadejda Tsankova is seeking a student to work as a research associate in her lab. Her lab's main research focus is on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms driving tumor initiation, migration, and recurrence in glioblastoma.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Conducting routine and standardized experiments using techniques specific to the assigned research project

  • Analyzing data

  • Assisting in the interpretation of research outcomes

  • Working with brain samples obtained from patients with gliomas, epilepsy, and autopsy brains

  • Isolating glioma stem cell populations and specific glial cell types using unique markers devel

Specific techniques for this project include:

  • Fresh brain tissue collection and single cell/nuclear dissociation

  • Fluorescence-activated cell/nucleus sorting

  • Maintenance of primary cell cultures for analysis of cell growth, migration, and differentiation.

  • Library preparation for bulk and single cell RNA and chromatin sequencing

  • Maintenance of laboratory environment and assistance in the upkeep of appropriate inventory.

  • Opportunities for an innovative, independent project with strong epigenetic, functional and/or bioinformatics component.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in a biomedical-related field

  • Some wet-beach laboratory experience and/or bioinformatics background

  • One year of laboratory experience a plus

Time Commitment: Full-time (40 hours per week, non-exempt/hourly position)

Apply: To apply, please e-mail an updated CV and three references to Dr. Tsankova.

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