Full-time, Paid, Research Technician, Cancer

Organization: Blenis Lab, Weill Cornell Medicine

Position Description:

The Blenis Lab is looking for a student to work as a research technician, who under direct supervision will participate in the planning, execution, and analysis of experiments focused on s

ignal transduction, metabolism, and cancer.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Performing daily tasks to maintain and organize the lab

  • Performing research techniques (under supervision) including Western blots, DNA/RNA isolation and gel electrophoresis, cloning, tissue culture, microscopy, mini & maxi preps, PCR and qPCR, protein purification, immunoprecipitation, etc.

  • Participating in collecting results from the various experimental procedures and the data analysis

  • Maintaining detailed records of experimental protocols and results

  • Maintaining inventory of supplies and reagents, preparing buffers/solutions and reagent aliquots for common use, and ordering and unpacking lab supplies

  • Maintaining the lab equipment

  • Performing day-to-day lab functions to keep an organized and clean laboratory space

  • Performing other related duties assigned

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology or Cell Biology and other related areas

  • Excellent communication and writing skills and strong computer literacy

  • Strong organizational skills and self-motivation

  • Ability to work independently

  • Basic experience in protein gel electrophoresis, DNA gel electrophoresis, tissue culture, and molecular biology techniques a plus

Time Commitment: Full-time (with a minimum commitment of two years)

Apply: To apply, please email your resume and unofficial transcript to Didem Ilter.

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