Part-time, Volunteer, Research Intern, Weight Management

Organization: NYU Langone Medical Center

Position Description:

Dr. Melanie Jay is seeking students to volunteer as research interns, in the MOTIVATE Research Lab, to assist with the implementation of a novel primary care-based cluster RCT study. The intervention entitled Goals for Eating and Moving (GEM), utilizes a novel goal setting tool delivered via tablet computers, team-based care, trained health coaches, and primary care physicians to encourage goal-setting and weight management.

Position Requirements:

  • Strong interest in research

  • Interest in health education, clinical research and/or primary care

  • Bright, motivated, mature, professional, committed and independent

  • Strong interpersonal, writing and communication skills

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

  • Experience in health, diet or lifestyle a plus

Time Commitment: Part-time (10-15 hours per week, two 5 hour shifts), with a minimum commitment of one year. Must attend weekly 90-minute research team meeting.

Shifts available:

Morning shift (9am – 2pm)

Evening shift (1pm – 6pm)

Full day shift (9am – 6pm)

Apply: To apply, please email your CV/resume and cover letter (with a reference and description of any experience that highlights your communication skills) to Sandra Wittleder.

Keywords: part-time, research assistant, volunteer, Weight Management

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