Part-time, Paid, Research Assistant, Alzheimer

Organization: Taub Institute and G.H.Sergeivsky Center

Position Description:

The Taub Institute and G.H.Sergeivsky Center at Columbia University Medical Center are seeking a student to work as a research assistant. The research assistant will work on a project examining financial decision making in older adults. The position offers opportunities to publish manuscripts, pr

esent in national-level conferences, and participate in lab-related scientific activities.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Designing, testing and implementing surveys online (e.g., via Qualtrics)

  • Recruiting participants

  • Calling and screening participants for the study

  • Collecting, coding/scoring and analyzing data

  • Writing up results

  • Presenting results at national level academic meetings/conferences (optional)

  • Revising and renewing the IRB

  • Conducting literature reviews

  • Maintaining and managing participant database

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree (B.A. or B.S.)

  • Some training in psychological research

  • Motivation

  • Excellent managerial and organizational skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Ability to multitask

  • Familiarity with academic (psychology and decision-making related) databases: PubMed, Google scholar, JSTOR, PsycInfo, PsycArticles, EBSCO, Web of Science

  • Proficiency with computer skills MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), and basic statistical skills such as in SPSS a plus

  • Knowledge of basic statistics and excel proficiency a plus

  • SPSS and R knowledge a plus

Time Commitment: Part-time

Compensation: TBD

Apply: To apply, please send your CV and at least 2 academic and/or work references to Dr. Preeti Sunderaraman.

Keywords: aging brain, alzheimer, paid, part-time, research assistant

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