Full-time, Paid, Clinical Intern, Endocrinology, Precision Medicine

Deadline: May 10

Start Date: May/June

Organization Comite Center for Precision Medicine

Position Description Comite Center for Precision Medicine is seeking a student to work as a clinical intern in a practice that focuses on age management with a proactive, preventative approach to treating patients.

Responsibilities include:

  • Measuring vitals and shadowing exams

  • Acting as a liaison between the physician, patients and outside healthcare professionals

  • Generating written correspondence including drafting medical reports

  • Following up letters for patients, medical transcription, data entry and staying up to date with pertinent research

  • Organizing prescription refills, regular patient correspondence via email and phone, and researching patient recommendations such as treatment options or healthcare specialists

  • Aiding the administrative team with chart preparation, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and general office support

  • Developping general responses to inquiries from the public about Comite Center's program

Position Requirements:

  • Good clinical intuition

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Strong initiative taker

  • Unwavering attention to detail

  • Ability to multitask in a demanding environment

  • High level of organization

  • Strong ability to communicate and relate well to patients

Time Commitment Full-time; with a minimum one-year commitment and the option to continue thereafter. Part-time flexibility until available to work full-time.

Compensation: TBD

Apply To apply, please e-mail your resume, cover letter, and full-time or part-time availability to careers@comitemd.com

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