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 Proctoring Services

Proctoring and invigilation service is available at our NYC location.

We proctor web-based, computer-based, paper-based written (conventional test), off-campus exams, online school final etc.


Test takers need to follow the exam approval process of their home institution. Test takers are responsible for meeting their own test deadlines. Appointments fill quickly and may not be available during high-volume testing periods. 

Please read this page thoroughly and submit the proctor request form below.

If you have a form or paperwork needed by your institution, send us an email to there is $50 fee.

Proctoring Fees

Exams with time limit of 2 hours or under - $200
Exams with a time limit over 3 hours - $300
Each extra hour is charged at a rate of $50

If you or your school/sponsor requires us to return the exam via courier or trackable shipments, such as USPS Priority Mail, Priority Express Mail, Fedex, UPS or DHL, you are responsible for the actual shipping fee plus $30 handling fee.


  • Payment may be made in person on the day of your exam appointment.

  • We accept cash, money order, Check,

  • Credit/debit cards, (there is a 2.9% processing fee for Credit Cards

 Our information

Provide your institution with our information.

Name: Noble Academy Center

Department: Testing

Address:  345 East 37th Street


                New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212 220 1538

Proctor: Gianna Buda

Test Day - check-in process

You must present a valid form of ID that is acceptable to both the testing sponsor organization and the country in which the exam is being delivered. For specific ID requirements, please refer to the testing sponsor's website.

We may provide you with any materials required for your test, such as scrap paper and a pencil or a dry erase board and pen. 


All of your personal belongings need to be placed in your temporary locker during your time in the test center. You will be permitted to keep your ID and your locker key with you at all times.

We will ask you to turn your pockets completely inside out to ensure that they have been emptied of all personal belongings.

During the check-in process, we inspect any and all eyeglasses, jewelry and other accessories to look for camera devices that could be used to capture exam content. 

Jewelry outside of wedding and engagement rings is prohibited. Please do not wear other jewelry to the test center. Hair accessories and ties are subject to inspection. 


Violation of security protocol may result in the confiscation of prohibited devices and termination of your exam.

If you have questions while testing, simply raise your hand and we will come to assist you.

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Our Experience

Over the years, we have worked closely with a diverse range of educational institutions and organizations, offering a secure and reliable environment for proctoring exams. Our dedication to professionalism and excellence has made us a preferred choice for many esteemed partners in the education sector. here are some examples of organizations that our proctoring center in NYC has collaborated with:

extension harvard logo_edited.jpg

In addition to educational institutions, we have also partnered with organizations from various industries, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Whether it's certification exams, professional development assessments, or any other testing requirements, we have the expertise to ensure a smooth and secure proctoring process.

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