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Rissa LoCastro

  MCAT Instructor





   MD student





A former MCAT KING's student.



For each student, I create lessons that are tailored to your needs and provide flexible support to push you to your highest potential. The core facets of my MCAT tutoring approach are:



High-Yield Content Teaching: Studying for the MCAT can be a daunting task because of the sheer breadth of topics covered, but over time I’ve gotten to know topics for each subject that seem to show up on every test. My lessons for each of these topics will really help to shore up some foundational knowledge for success.


Practice-Based Growth Strategy: This is the CORE reason why me and my students are able to succeed on the MCAT — to be able to learn content details and test-taking strategies IN CONTEXT works wonders towards being able to approach every passage and every problem with confidence. As someone who has recently taken nearly every practice test out there, I will help you to create an efficient and effective schedule based on a practice-centered approach. Furthermore, I will hold sessions where we go over your completed practice tests problem by problem, sharing the MCAT tidbits I have learned over time and building up your own expertise. This, in my opinion, is the best resource that I provide.


Comprehensive Support: As a near-peer who has recently lived and breathed the MCAT, I can definitely empathize and share my tips for every little facet of this long, long test. Can’t figure out that one frustrating detail about p-V graphs? I’ll boil down my own hours of research on it into a ten minute explanation for you. Wondering which AAMC resources are most helpful? I’ll save you from wasting your time on the less effective ones. Need some pre-practice test pump up songs? I have my playlist ready.


Taking the MCAT is definitely a journey, but success is at the end, and I’d love to be a resource for you.


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