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2018 MCAS is OPEN Now

Maximize Your AMCAS Application

You don't need an MCAT score to submit your application and get your transcripts verified. You can apply to just one school initially until you know your score, and then add others that are appropriate to your score later.

Time for verification depends on when you submit your app. Generally, the verification time as a function of time within the season is a curve that peaks at July/August.

Think of it this way. Your application goes no where until it is verified. Verification is to ensure that what you have reported is indeed true (grades, etc.) After it is verified, it gets released to the schools you designated (if it is on or after June 30th, the day applications start being released to schools.

Think carefully about your most meaningful extracurricular activities: With 15 spaces to list and describe everything you've done outside of class in college, this section can be challenging for a good chunk of applicants.

What should you list, and what should you leave out?

First, you should think about the activities that are most meaningful to you, medically related or not. You'll be able to identify up to three of those on the AMCAS, giving you an extra 1,325 characters (including spaces!) to explain why.

In general, medical schools prefer that you keep things brief for your other activities. Often, people find 15 slots are not enough to describe their involvements, as these slots also include any honors and awards applicants may have received. If you're strapped for space, consider grouping your activities or achievements into topical or time-specific categories when listing them.

Choose your activities carefully; keep in mind that although any activity can be individually rewarding, your level of commitment will show medical schools whether or not you spent your most precious commodities–time and energy—on what you consider to be meaningful.  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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