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Part-time, Volunteer Research Assistants, Obesity

Organization: New York Obesity Research Center, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

Position Description:

Dr. Allan Geliebter, world renowned in obesity & eating disorder research, has slots available for three research assistants in his research laboratory.

Effort will be made to match research assistants with projects according to preference, but may depend upon availability.

Current projects in the lab include:

  • fMRI research in bariatric surgery and binge eating disorder

  • a supermarket-based environmental intervention for eating behavior and obesity

  • effect of stress on appetite hormones and eating behavior.

  • blood draws and processing for postbac/premed students

  • some counseling opportunities for clinical and counseling psychology students

Position Requirements

No prior research experience is necessary. Research assistants will be responsible for various aspects of research, explained at weekly research meetings with Dr. Geliebter. This is excellent practice in hospital procedures, clinical policies, and IRB and NIH protocols.

Location: Primarily at St. Luke's on 114th St and Amsterdam. There are occasional opportunities to attend meetings and symposia at 102th St and Madison Ave. If recruitment of further study participants is needed, this is sometimes done remotely via phone screeners, or on occasion at recruitment centers located in zip codes 10032, 11211, 11247, and 11373.


- publish research articles

- present research at international conferences

- build Curriculum Vitae, increasing chances of admission to graduate/medical programs

- receive expert mentorship for theses

- gain research experience in one of the top labs internationally

Time Commitment: Applicants must be planning to be in the New York City area until at least end of August 2019, and available to commit 10 hours/week.

Apply: Please email Shaunte Baboumian.

Keywords: eating disorders, obesity  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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