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Full-time, Paid, Research Associate/Technician, Virology

Application Deadline: June 30

Organization: Bouvier Lab, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Position Description: The Bouvier Lab is looking for a student to work as a research associate/technician. The lab studies virology, immunology, and transmission of influenza in animal models.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting a variety of experiments following established protocols, such as tissue culture, virus isolation from clinical samples, stock virus growth and preparation, molecular cloning, DNA isolation and purification, electrophoresis, and other laboratory techniques

  • Performing hands-on experiments with influenza virus-infected laboratory animals, including virus inoculation, blood collection, and nasal wash sample collection, in a consistently humane and ethical manner

  • Recording experiment results accurately and completely

  • Assisting with routine lab maintenance, including preparation of reagents and media, stocking and ordering of supplies, and basic maintenance of laboratory space and equipment

  • Performing other laboratory duties as needed

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in biology, microbiology or a related field and/or successful completion (to date) of the first year of a Postbac/Premed Program

  • Some educational or employment experience in a microbiology, virology, biology, chemistry, or similar laboratory

  • Demonstrable intelligence, ambition, and enthusiasm for science, including a desire to pursue graduate medical or scientific studies

Time Commitment: Part-time (20 - 43 hours per week) then full-time during glide year (with a minimum commitment of two years)

Compensation: $21 per hour, full-time work includes benefits package

Apply: To apply, email a CV, including undergrad/postbac GPAs to Nicole Bouvier, M.D.

Keywords: Full-time, glide year, immunology, influenza, paid, Research Associate, Technician, Virology  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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