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EMT Course At Yeshiva University | Fall 2020

This Fall 2020, the Yeshiva University EMS club is organizing an emergency medical technician (EMT) program for undergraduate students. Getting to network with passionate pre-health students will be a great experience, and the medical skills and clinical exposure will look great on any pre-health resume!  In addition, due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, the need for EMT's during this time is great. Fall 2020 course: 8/30/20-12/27/20 via Zoom and LMS NO CLASS ON: 9/20, 9/27, 10/4 *Lectures and Exams Online. 4 days for skills pending Covid-19 clearance* State exam: online/proctoring center *Location will be at the YU midtown campus located at 245 Lexington Avenue* *Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the dates for these courses are subject to change* Price: $1,500 Minimum age is 17 by the state exam. Please sign-up if you are interested and want more information.  This is the sign up link: For further details, please contact or

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