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Part-time Paid Clinical Intern in Endocrinology Practice NYC

Position Title: Clinical Intern

Organization: Comite Center for Precision Medicin



Hours per week: 40

Desired Start Date: Part-time starting immediately if schedule permits, followed by full-time starting May/June 2020

Desired End Date: 1 year commitment through June 2021, with option to continue thereafter

Location: New York, NY 10019

Paid or Unpaid: This position is paid and offers health benefits. Additionally, our office provides flexibility for you to attend medical school interviews, and paid time off.

Position Description:

A unique and visionary endocrinology practice is looking for an equally dynamic individual to become a part of our clinical team. The practice focuses on Precision Medicine for Age Management with a proactive, preventive approach to treating each of our patients. The physician’s cutting edge model has resulted from decades of her experience in research, endocrinology, and different fields of medicine within healthcare. In this practice, each patient begins with an evaluation and follows with an exclusive medical program, based on a detailed analysis of comprehensive laboratory testing, lifestyle, past medical and family history.

We believe in an interdisciplinary team and will want you to be involved in, and understand, the greater function of each aspect of our office—both administratively and clinically. The candidate will be trained in the multifaceted details of our individualized model. It is essential that each candidate is able to multi-task in a demanding environment, has a high-level of organizational skill, and has a strong ability to communicate and relate well with patients. Rooted in all these qualities, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn and hone the skills necessary to being an excellent physician.


We are looking for students who will be applying for entry to Medical School in the fall of 2021 or later, and are seeking clinical experience during their application year. Applicants must be available to work full-time for one year, starting in May/June, with the option of part-time prior, if applicant’s schedule permits. Past interns who have worked in this position have advanced to attend Jefferson Medical College, Robert Wood Johnson, UMDNJ, and SUNY Downstate, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ, and Drexel, among other schools.


Clinical support:

· Partaking in all patient appointments, both on the phone and in person

· In-person appointment support includes measuring vitals, shadowing exam, medical dictation of exam and appointment details, and all relevant follow up

· Phone appointment support includes reviewing medication table, taking notes during appointment, generating summary of appointment for review, and all relevant follow up

· Acting as a liaison between the physician, patients (includes triaging medical information), and outside healthcare professionals

· Generating written correspondence including drafting medical reports and follow-up letters for patients, medical transcription, data entry

· Staying up-to-date with latest research in the field

· Participating in clinical meetings

Patient services:

· Chart preparation, which may include scanning records, updating chart, and entering patient data

· Refilling prescriptions, assisting with prior authorizations as needed

· Regular patient correspondence via email and phone

· Researching patient recommendations such as treatment options or healthcare specialists

Administrative duties:

· Aiding the administrative team with general tasks including answering phones, greeting patients, doctors, vendors, pharmaceutical representatives, and all other visitors at the reception desk

· Scheduling appointments and following up with physicians to gather records

· General office support and upkeep


· Discuss program with prospective patients through phone and email

· Assist with case study presentations for biannual medical conferences

· Training new batch of clinical interns toward the end of the year


· Good clinical intuition

· Ability to multi-task in a demanding environment and take initiative as needed

· High level of organizational skills and attention to detail

· Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and relate well with patients

Application Instructions: Interested applicants must submit a resume and cover letter, as well as availability via email to

Additional contact information to be with the public:

Name Moazah Ahmed


Phone 212-288-8123  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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