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Elisha Ishal

DAT Math (Quantitative Reasoning) Instructor OAT Quantitative Reasoning Tutor GMAT & GRE





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I’m happy to admit that I’m the biggest Standardized Test Prep nerd you’ll ever meet. I’m so nerdy about Test Prep that I wrote a book on it. What began as a documentation of all the “ah-ha” moments I shared with my students, quickly evolved into a user-friendly tool for generating substantial test scores gains. What I provide to all my students is the opportunity to learn test prep in a very unique and novel way. It’s a proprietary approach that is offered nowhere else and I’m sure you’ll love it. When not training students to crush their upcoming tests, I can be found in my garden, at the pool or in my office updating my strategy books with my latest “ah-ha” moments. In a nutshell, I’m the best-kept secret in Standardized Test Prep Strategy. The following details my Core Strategy…

The development of my Test Prep Strategy began in response to a growing need for a more effective approach to standardized test preparation. Designed from the ground up, my method focuses on mastering my Core Strategy, utilizing the scientific method & the application of known fundamentals. With my test prep strategy, students learn to recognize multiple pathways to successful question stem. By mastering my method students learn to solve problems in a way that best aligns with their unique abilities. This fluid approach produces amazing results for students just beginning their test prep journey as well as students who want to take their scores to the next level. My “don’t think too much!” approach provides a realistic pathway to test scores that truly reflect a student's potential.

Elisha joined the MCAT KING team in November of 2017 as a senior at the New York University majoring in Math. He has tons of experience tutoring, starting from when he was a freshman tutoring high school and college students in basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics, SAT, ACT (helped a student raise her score from 28 to 33!), SAT subject tests. Since 2018, Elisha has dedicated his attention to preparing students for DAT, OAT, GRE, and GMAT.



MCAT King Bio Book is Now available.
 2020 Edition.

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