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MCAT Prep Course

Prep with the most sought after Instructor


Every hour of my experience has been with the MCAT for the past 10 years.

We eat, breathe & live this test.

Prof. Noble Zaghi

MCAT King Course

The course is taught by our head instructor and founder; Prof. Noble Zaghi. High yield topics in chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology will be covered. Classes can be attended in person, or online via live-stream or viewed as a recording after the session. Each topic is supplemented with handouts that have practice problems, and passages will also be assigned. There are approximately 30 live sessions in total. The course accompanies by about 10 pre-recorded lectures. The course costs 1800 for the 30 sessions. Each Class is 3 Hrs in length. As part of the course, you will receive a lesson book. You should purchase additional 3 books from Amazon.



Fall Semester

                  Fall Course                                                               Late Fall Course

              Mid-September                                                             Mid November

         Sun 10 am / Wed 5:30 pm                                           Sun 2 pm / Tue 5:30 pm


 Spring Semester

                 Spring Course                                                       Late Spring Course

                  Late January                                                              Early March

           Sun 10 am / Wed 5:30 pm                                       Sun 2 pm / Tue 5:30 pm


Summer Semester

             Summer Bootcamp

                   Late May

        Sun 10 am / Wed 5:30 pm

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Young Doctor

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