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Summer MCAT

Immerse Yourself in MCAT Mastery: Experience Our New York City Course, Available In-Person and Online

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Welcome to MCAT KING Summer Boot Camp

Dive into an intensive preparation journey this summer with our specially designed MCAT Boot Camp, combining:


  • The expertise of Prof. Noble Zaghi's comprehensive MCAT prep course

  • And targeted workshops in critical areas like CARS, Biochemistry, Biology, and Psych & Soc.


This boot camp is your gateway to mastering the MCAT, offering a blend of rigorous curriculum, personalized instruction, and strategic insights to elevate your scores. Perfect for students looking to maximize their study time during the summer, our program promises to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel on one of the most important exams on your path to medical school.

The Main Course Overview

The Passage Workshops Overview

Workshops are designed for active participation, encouraging students to engage with the material and ask questions in real-time.

Schedule and Timing

The Boot Camp to starts May 22 2024 

Chem Classes


Sundays with Prof. Zaghi at 10 am (3hr)

| Main Course |

CARS/Verbal Workshop

Monday Night at 6 pm

With Prof. Moss

Physics Classes


Wednesdays with Prof. Zaghi at 5:30 pm (3hr)

| Main Course |

Biochemistry Workshop

Tuesday Night at 6 pm

With Josh

Assigned Pre-recorded Session

Friday with Prof. Zaghi (3hr)

| Main Course |

Psych & Soc Workshop

Thursday Night at 6:30 pm

With Nicole

15 Min Bi-Weekly

Check up

On Demand Call with Prof. Moss

System Biology Workshop

Tuesday Morning at 9 am

with Josh

Pricing and Enrollment

Due to limited seating for in-person sessions, registration will close once capacity is reached, after which a waitlist will be offered.

  • What is the class size?
    Class size is about 20-30 students. We like to limit the class size to ensure students receive enough personal attention.
  • How long is each weekly session? How many weeks is the course?
    In general, we will meet once a week, and the session length is 2 to 3 hrs (typically 3hrs). The course in its entirety is about 18 sessions.
  • What is the total cost of the course?
    There is an initial deposit of $135 which includes $45 towards the first class + $90 towards the final 2 classes. You can pay per session, ($45 for a 2hr session or $60 for the 3hr session) which should come down to a little over 1k (about 1/3 of what Kaplan costs). Alternatively, some students/parents prefer to pay in advance. A one-time fee of $1080 which covers the 18 group classes (54 total hours) (missed the class, can be watched as a video recording of the session)
  • What are your refund policies? Is there a way for me to get a feel for the course and whether it meets my needs before I fully commit?
    After the first session, if you do not like the course for any reason, you can get a full refund of your initial deposit. Regretfully, due to the high demand, we are not able to offer a complimentary session as the sitting area is very limited.



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