MCAT Review Course

All courses have a fixed schedule and are taught by Prof. Noble Zaghi.
 MCAT courses Available to attend In-person Or Live Online. 

MCAT Course

The course is taught by our head instructor and founder, Prof. Zaghi and teaches high yield topics in chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology. There are approximately 30 live sessions in total and classes can be attended in person, online via zoom or viewed as a recording after the session. Each session is supplemented with handouts that have practice problems and passages. Each course runs for about 4 months. The course is also accompanied by about 10 pre-recorded lectures.


The course costs $1800 for the 30 sessions.



We offer a few options:


 1. Advance Payment Plan ($1800 for 30 classes)

  • Receive a complimentary 1.5 Hour one on one Verbal Tutoring

  • Course material - Lesson Book is included 

  • Guaranteed seat

  2. Installment Plan (Two installments of $900)

  • First Installment is due before the first class

  • The second installment is due on the 12th class

  • Course material - Lesson Books are included 

  • Guaranteed seat

  3. Pay as you go. ($160 Deposit - $60 per class) ​

  • Initial amount due before your first class: $160 - (non-refundable) includes:

    • $60 - First class payment

    • $40 - Course materials consist of lecture notes

    • $60 - Deposit towards the last class

    • No seat Guarantee - In case the class overbooks the "pay as you go students" would have to attend the class online.

Please make payments before your first session.

Payments can be made via Venmo (@mcatKing), Chase QuickPay or via Credit Card.



  • Each class is about 3 hours (sometimes we go over time). 

  • If you can't make it to the class, links to the live sessions will be emailed out a few hours before each class. Please process the payment in advance.

  • NO TEXTING during class.

  • You can bring snacks and drinks to class, but please clean up your trash and be courteous to others, etc.

  • If a class needs to be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather, you will receive an email from us.

  • Disclaimer: A big part of our classes consists of engaging students and improving their ability to recall the contents taught; thereby some of the content and discussion in this course may contain strong language.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the class size?

Another quality that makes our class unique is the environment. As hard as it may seem to believe, our students have fun. Our class size is about 18 - 30 students. We try to keep the size of the class smaller than other typical prep courses such as Kaplan for more personal attention.

How long is each weekly session? How many weeks is the course?

In general, Class will meet twice a week and the session length is typically 3hr. We will have about 30 sessions. The Fall cycle is usually 20 weeks ( Starts in Sep and Nov). The Spring cycles is 16 weeks ( starts in Jan and Feb) and summer intensive cycle is 8 weeks ( Start in May or June).

What is the total cost of the course?

You pay per session, (45 for a 2hr session or 60 for the 3hr session)

What are your refund policies? Is there a way for me to get a feel for the course and whether it meets my needs before I fully commit?

Regretfully, at this time of the year due to the high demand, we are not able to offer a complimentary session as the sitting area is very limited. However, After the first session, if you do not like the course for any reason, you can get a partial refund.

Where are your classes located? Can I attend Online ?

We are located in Midtown Manhattan across from Macy's / Penn station and we also offer online sessions. Here is our address: MCAT KING (Noble Academy Center) 213 W 35th St #600A, New York, NY 10001

Is it true that you can take the class as long as you want without repaying for tuition?

Once you are a MCAT KING student, we are with you until you are COMPLETELY done! If you have paid in full for all 30 classes in advance; you may repeat for one additinal cycle.There is, however, a 100 charge for seat holding and materials for each cycle you attend. This, of course, entails the use of common sense in its interpretation. If a course is discontinued or if the course changes dramatically (e.g., the new MCAT 2015 course from the old MCAT course), students cannot take a course that no longer exists and must pay any difference to take a new course. The repeat students typically is being asked to attend their sessions online. Students with poor attendance record are not allowed to repeat the course. Students with poor attendance are those who missed 4 or more sessions of the cycle.

What are the start dates ?