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We are so confident in your success and we know sometimes things happen and you might fall off track.


We can offer you two options:

  1. Retake the Live MCAT Course 

  2. Access the On-Demand Course

Option 1: Retake The Live Class

Once you are a MCAT KING student, we are with you until you are COMPLETELY done! If you have paid in full for all 30 classes in advance; you may repeat for one additional cycle. There is, however, a 220 charge for seat holding and materials for each cycle you attend. (10% of current tuition)


This, of course, entails the use of common sense in its interpretation. If a course is discontinued or if the course changes dramatically (e.g., the new MCAT 2015 course from the old MCAT course), students cannot take a course that no longer exists and must pay any difference to take a new course. The repeat students typically is being asked to attend their sessions online.


Students with poor attendance record are not allowed to repeat the course. Students with poor attendance are those who missed 4 or more sessions of the cycle.

OPTION 2: On-Demand Course

We have added the option for the students to be able to have access to all the recordings in one platform. You can sign up here for the extended plan for 69 per month:


After your registration is complete; please access the course page

Course Page: 
If you experiencing financial difficulties please write back to me and we will provide access from the backend. however, this will take us some times. ( about 2 weeks)
  • Extended Access

    Every month
    Video Library Access for Returning Student
    Valid for 4 months
    • Available only for the students who have attended Course
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