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Part-time, Paid, Research Assistant and Coordinator, Pulmonary Diseases: Smoking Cessation

Organization: Smoking Cessation Clinic at Mount Sinai

Position Description

Dr. Mary O'Sullivan is seeking a student to work as a research assistant and project coordinator in the Pulmonary Division at Mt. Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai West. Dr. O'Sullivan's research is focused on smoking cessation, obesity and asthma, dynamic chest x-ray, and other related pulmonary diseases. The position includes direct clinical exposure and opportunities for poster/paper authorship.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assisting in all the stages of the research process (e.g. developing, writing, and editing grants and papers, data organization/analysis, following up with patients)

  • Shadowing patient visits

  • Attending academic seminars

Position Requirements:

  • Interest in medicine or behavioral components of health care

Time Commitment: Part-time (≤17 hours/week), flexible hours

Compensation: $20 per hour

Apply: To apply, please email Lilly Offit a copy of your resume and a brief letter describing interest and fit for position.

Keywords: paid, part-time, Research Assistant and Coordinator, smoking cessation  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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