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Congratulations on completing your primaries and secondary Apps. Now it is time to start prepping for the interview. You’ll work 1-on-1 with an experienced member of our team ( Typically, Dr. Aga or Dr. Toby, or Prof. Zaghi)  who will guide you through a full mock interview, provide custom advice, and answer any questions you might have regarding medical school interviews.


We work toward preparing you for any situation you might find yourself in come interview day.


  •  Traditional Interview
  •  MMI Style  
  • SJTs (Situational judgment tests)
  • In-Person as well as virtual interviews

We will give you Tips and Advice - We will go through each of your responses and offer advice and tips on how you can improve and try to prep you for all categories of the questions.


You May attend your session in person or online.


You are signing up for a 1 Hr session here. You can add more time to your session by adding a card on file and emailing the office.