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Full-Time, Volunteer, Project Coordinator, Global Health

Start Date:

June 2019


Medical Missionaries

Position Description

The Medical Missionaries Global Health Fellowship is offering two students interested in global health the opportunity to gain experience in health care delivery in Haiti.

Responsibilities include:

  • Acting as a liaison between Medical Missionaries' US headquarters and St. Joseph's Clinic staff in Thomassique, Haiti

  • Coordinating health and community projects involving Community Health Workers, traditional birth assistants, mobile clinics, water purification, malnutrition, salt iodization, and education

  • Working with community leaders to implement innovative health programs in Thomassique and six outlying villages

  • Fulfilling administrative roles such as monitoring medication usage, helping the Clinic to be well-organized, and coordinating the logistics for hosting visiting teams of U.S. physicians, dentists, and surgeons

  • Shadowing the Clinic's physicians, midwives, and nurses

  • Working in the Clinic's laboratory and pharmacy

  • Assisting visiting surgical and medical teams

Position Requirements

  • Must be a college graduate

  • Must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to live in a rural, underdeveloped setting for an extended period of time

  • Must expect to be the only foreigners in Thomassique for most of the year

Time Commitment

Full-time, with a commitment of one year.


Living expenses, including a bedroom, meals, Internet access, a washing machine, potable water, and emergency evacuation insurance are covered by Medical Missionaries. Medical Missionaries also pays for Fellowship-related transportation costs for the Fellows, including up to two return trips to the States for periods of two weeks.

Apply To apply, fill out this application.


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