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Full-time, Paid, Research Coordinator, Orthopedic Surgery

Application Deadline: May 15 Start Date: July 1

Organization: NYU Langone Health, Orthopedic Surgery

Position Description NYU Langone Health is seeking a student to work as a research coordinator. The position offers opportunities for co-authorship on articles published in peer-review journals, and unparalleled exposure to cutting-edge clinical and laboratory-based research, patient care, and diagnostic imaging.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attending orthopaedic conferences and case presentations

  • Observing patient evaluations in office/clinic

  • Observing orthopedic surgery cases in the OR

  • Overseeing research projects from study design to publication

  • Developing and leading new research protocols, including laboratory-based and clinical outcomes research

  • Collaborating with orthopedic residents, fellows, and attendings on research projects

  • Collecting data on research subjects via review of patient charts, imaging, etc. and maintenance of databases

  • Preparing research protocols/applications (IRB, IACUC, HIPAA, etc)

  • Preparing grant proposals

Identifying, consenting, and acting as a resource for study participants

  • Assisting with lab work, including cadaver dissections

  • Data analysis and the writing or editing of abstracts and manuscript

  • Creating presentations for orthopedic conferences

  • Preparing textbook chapters

Position Requirements

  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills

  • Strong writing, communication, and analytical skills

  • Self-starter with the ability to work well independently and as a part of a team

  • Flexibility and dedication

  • Statistics experience a plus

Time Commitment

Full-time, with a minimum commitment of one year. Two-year commitment can be discussed.

Compensation TBD

Apply To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to Megan Donnelly. Earlier applications will be given priority.

Keywords: Full-time, glide year, Orthopedic Surgery, paid, research coordinator  |  Tel: 707 797 7008

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